Jarmila Čerevková – Paintings

Jarmila Čerevková lives in Prague for many years, but she was born and spent her childhood in eastern Bohemia. During this time she attended a folk school of arts – painting and drawing. Her wish was then to devote herself to make illustrations for children’s books, but fate changed her plans and dreams about painting blew away. She returned to her beloved fondness after many years later when she drew a number of drafts for coloring books and paper cut-outs for kids, which have been realized and released as well.

Later she attended various courses and took various public lessons of painting and drawing. Because she’s always been interested in human psyche and psychogeography, one of her first course was psychographic drawing that uses extra sensory perception (ESP). By using this method she created hundreds of drawings with colored pencils. In the following courses she got acquainted with pastel painting techniques, that often applies to her favorite theme of flowers and bouquets.

Increasingly in recent years she paints with oil on canvas as well. Particularly close to her heart are decorative arts and ways of painting focusing on details. In addition to floral motifs she like to portray grace of female faces, nudes, still life or images of angels.